Published some months ago, the European Commission's report on alternative refrigerants in new split AC systems considered it "technically possible to avoid F-gases today in new single split air conditioning with a cooling capacity below 7 kW by using the refrigerant R-290".

Mindful of the fact that natural and low GWP synthetic refrigerants will play an important role in the green transition, AREA believes HCs may indeed be a good options for certain types of applications. At the same time, the safety issues posed by HCs cannot be ignored. Their high flammability imposes a careful and thought-through approach that takes into account all impacts that a regulatory push of HCs in air conditioning applications could have.

AREA has established a list of essential prerequisites to any further consideration on the use of HCs in (some) air conditioning applications. These notably relate to installers’ competence, regular maintenance and leak checking, and a framework on sales. Read the full position below.