In January 2024, our Past President with a special mandate “International Affairs" Marco Buoni met with ASHRAE's President Ginger Scoggins in Chicago to talk about energy efficiency and training.

Key topics of the discussion:

  • ASHREA's presidential theme is “Challenge Accepted: Tackling the Climate Crisis.” What do we need to do for our Planet?
  • AREA is engaged with several projects with United Nations Environment Programme UNEP and participates to the Meeting of the Parties of Montreal Protocol MOP and the Conference on Climate Change COP. What could developed countries do for developing countries through those international organisations? 
  • Is training of contractors and operators (end-users) an important missing link in our sector, which is normally focused on manufacturers and design engineers? and – if so – how can we improve it?

The full interview is available HERE

(picture taken from the 39th floor of the ASHRAE Winter Conference building)