During the annual General Assembly on 24 May in Belfast, AREA members unanimously re-elected Coen van de Sande, Director of the Dutch Association, NVKL, as President of AREA. Stepan Stojanov, Secretary General of SCHKT (Czechia), was elected as Vice President.

The new Board is composed as follows:

  • Coen van de Sande, NVKL (Netherlands), President
  • Marco Buoni, ATF (Italy), Past President with a special mandate for “International Affairs”
  • Stepan Stojanov, SCHKT (Czechia), Vice-President
  • Thanos Biris, HUFGAS (Greece), Treasurer
  • Seamus Kerr, IRI (Ireland), Board member
  • Grzegorz Michalski, KFCh (Poland), Board member
  • Espen Rønning, VKE (Norway), Board member

Following his election, Coen van de Sande stated:

‘’I am very pleased and proud of what we achieved these past two years, thanks to great cooperation within AREA to promote our industry and attract new talents. A key topic for us was the review of the F-gas Regulation, which will remain a focus in the coming years with the adoption of the delegated acts and the implementation of the Regulation at National level. I look forward to continuing the excellent collaboration among our members and extending our profile and recognition to make the voice of contractors heard.”