The European Heat Pump Summit – powered by Chillventa – is the No. 1 gathering for experts from the international heat pump sector. Every two years, it brings together renowned speakers and international decision-makers from industry, commerce, and the R&D community to enjoy high-level professional dialogue and networking. Three months before the start of the 2023 Summit, Exhibition Director Elke Harreiss from NürnbergMesse talks about all the event highlights and the preparations under way.

Elke Harreiss: "We are incredibly pleased with the progress of what will be our eighth international heat pump summit in Nuremberg. Speakers from all around the world have submitted a considerable number of highly topical and extremely interesting abstracts for proposed presentations. The heat pump is a key issue not just in Germany, in the light of the current debate about the draft Buildings Energy Act (GEG), but also worldwide. As a result, there is enormous interest in the Foyer Expo this year and we are already fully booked. Through their participation, well-known exhibitors, associations, organisations and high-calibre experts from the R&D segment underpin the extraordinary position of the European Heat Pump Summit within the heat pump sector."

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