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On Monday 26 June, AREA and its members will be celebrating World Refrigeration Day 2023.

Titled “Next Generation Cooling: The Future is in our hands”, the WRD 23 campaign will focus on the future of cooling technology, the industry, the people working within it, and those that benefit from cooling. Building upon last year’s theme ‘Cooling Matters’, this year’s campaign will look forward with the aim of raising awareness of how the modern cooling industry is adapting and evolving to meet the challenges and opportunities the sector faces providing the increasing demand for low carbon cooling and heating solutions in a warming climate.


On this occasion, we are delighted to share some activities that AREA members are hosting on and around this key day for our sector:


On 26 June, AEFYT will hold lectures in collaboration with AFEC and AFAR. You can find the programme Here.

hurkt HURKT promotes World Refrigeration Day 2023 on their website.  


NVKL will start the day in the Thialf ice skating stadium, at the Daikin Experience Center there. There, a well-known ice skater will say something about why refrigeration is important to him or her to a class of 11–12-year-olds. Then, there will be a guest lesson on refrigeration, after which the schoolchildren will play “Play it COOL!”, a board game NVKL  developed. There will also be a tour of the Experience Center. 

In the afternoon the program will be repeated, but for older kids (13-16 years old).

Next to that, NVKL has been giving the board game to their members, for them to play with kids in a school close to them, on June 26th. They will also provide a short guest-lecture on the topic of refrigeration

Play it cool


VDKF contacted the German press and its members,  encouraging them to report on this important day not only for the cooling industry, but for our society in general.






Frixis organised two panel discussions around this year' theme of World Day 2023. The recordings are available in French and Dutch



Centro Galileo

Centro Studi Galileo and ATF published a video with contributions of their partners  answering the question of ''what Next Generation Cooling means for us.'' The video is available here

cni CNI moderated a discussion with managers and technicians from refrigeration and air conditioning installation companies and highlights the importance of the installation company in the cold chain 24 hours / 365 days a year. More information here  

To celebrate World Refrigeration Day, SOSİAD (Association of Refrigeration Industry Businesspeople) held an event at CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel on 15 June 2023, titled  "future of new generation refrigeration". More information available in the attachment below.


KFCh promoted World Refrigeration Day 2023 on their website
and on LinkedIn



To learn more about World Refrigeration Day, visit the website :