On the 1-2 September AREA was delighted to be a sponsor of, and a participant in, the first virtual, natural refrigerants trade show launched by ATMOsphere.

Taking place over a 24-hour period, and welcoming over 2000 cooling experts from across the globe, the event encompassed each time zone beginning with Europe, the Middle East and Africa, followed by North, Central and South America, finishing with the Asia Pacific region. 

Hosting our own virtual booth alongside 70 other exhibitors, AREA was able to communicate and interact with delegates through real-time chat, audio, and video capabilities.

Exclusively focused on natural refrigerant-based solutions, services, products, and training, the event aimed to create the feeling of a physical event with exhibitions, networking, and webinars.

Marco Buoni, President of AREA, and Olivier Janin, Secretary General of AREA, were on hand to answer visitors’ questions and showcase the exciting work underway! The main topics? AREA’s Vision 2025, the REAL alternatives 4 LIFE  project and competence and certification for natural refrigerants and the future of EU Fgas legislation.

Marco Buoni stated, “the virtual exhibition has been the best method possible in these difficult times to communicate with everybody in one place, reaching thousands of actors in our sectors.

The benefit for AREA has been, he continues ‘the contacts made with many important associations, and institutions with whom we have the same aim. We have to increase the quality of the installations and share information and knowledge for the better good of the sector, and in particular contractors.’’

AREA was delighted to make the virtual acquaintance with many key players in the cooling sector including members of the South African Association SAIRAC and AREA’s first International Observer from Thailand, TRA.

It was also a great opportunity to check in with AREA members from all over Europe including KFCh (Poland), BESA (UK),  AEFYT and CNI (Spain), IRI (Ireland) and SZ CHKT (Slovenia), alongside many more attendees who were exploring the exhibition and passing by the AREA booth reading the publications and watching the video.

As highlighted by Marco Buoni, ‘’in these difficult times even a virtual meeting and chat with old friends can make a big difference”. 

Thus, in a rapidly changing environment, the introduction of this event can only be viewed an as addition to our sector, and a great opportunity to learn about the latest refrigerant technology solutions in a new virtual environment.